Viking Products and Services

Here at Viking Products and Services, we offer quality handmade pens and gifts. 

Our items are made to order, so each one is individual.

We offer a choice of woods, colours and styles to suit every pocket.

Our products are made from hardwoods and acrylic, sourced and purchased from local distributors, saving on delivery costs and reducing our carbon footprint. This saving in cost is passed on to our customers.

An executive pen, doesn't need to have an executive price tag!

We also sell handmade jewellery that my daughter makes.

Check out her designs in our shop. KD Designs.

Unique Designs

As you will see when you browse our products, each item is unique. Different styles, shapes and colours all go in to making an item that is a pleasure to own and use.

Do you have any questions?

Please feel free to contact us and discuss any queries you may have.