Our Story

My mutual love of crafting, woodworking and fountain pens has led me here. Its not been a short journey though.

I grew up in a family that had a good few makers and crafters, folks who enjoyed their hobbies and had the skills learned over many years that they were happy to share and teach me. Family with strong work ethics, that showed me that to get something, you have to work at it.

I started working with wood from about 7 yrs old, helping and learning build things with family... and in all honesty I have never stopped.

My love of stories and writting led me to plays, which in turn led me to a carreer in the entertainments industry, speciffically in theatre and performing arts, just not on stage, my skills are deffinatly not in performing...

I have been quite lucky in my chosen carreer path, I have met and worked with some astounding and very talanted people, made and lost some very good friends and have many many good memories.  I was a freelance stage manager, set designer and builder, flyman and crew since I was 19 yrs old, and after over 2 decades of working in the industry (apart form a short break doing private training and medical services), I still enjoy it.

However, 2020 (the year we must not speak the name of), created a number of difficulties for our industry, social distancing meant that perfomance spaces had capacity cut by up to two thirds, shows and events were cancelled all obver the world and our world leading industry collapsed in to chaos and uncertainty.

Many of us lost contracts and incomes, even those lucky enough to be furloughed sufferd from mental health issues due to the uncertainty of our future. Our industry is creative, we are problem solvers, multi skilled and so used to being busy that sitting doing nothing frustrates beyond belief. So many of us used our skills to create art, usable items, clothing, gifts, stationary items, restoration companies, design and building comapnies, instructional videos in a way to help finacially and mentally.

My outlet is woodwork and wood turning, thus this enterprise was created. 

I decided that I would try to be environmental, using local suppliers for woods, reducing my carbon footprint, saving on delivery costs, trying to make custon made and unique items available to everyone, in almost every price range.

Its not been easy on my family either, my wife and children have sufferd the same stress and issues and had to find ways to cope. The lady wife helps run support groups on line, our eldest has delved more in to gaming and helps test beta games. Two of our children at university, help with student support services online, two of our girls at home help me with Viking Products and Services, making jewellery (thats the KD Designs) and keyrings. The youngest has got a puppy, that she is helping to train and looking after. We support each other, and others where we can.


We use a variety of materials to create our pens and gifts, but we try to source as many as possible close to home, to reduce the cost of delivery and our carbon footprint.


Each pen and gift is unique and individual. Crafted by hand.

Quality Assurance

If I am not happy about it, I will not send it out. If you recieve an item and are not happy with it, please do get in touch and we will rectify it.